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General Woman trying to survive college and achieve better work then retail. I also have a huge love for art and design. As well as Irish men, but that will be a reality some day. heh.

Will people do me a big favor and send me a picture you have taken of either a clock or a window? I need it for a project and would be every in your debt. 

Thank you. 


I am doing this living design project and would be ubber thankful if people could send me pictures of their window. I am trying to do a looking out into the world via everywhere kind of project and really need some help. It would be awesome if I could get them tonight…its eastern time here. Or tomorrow morning. 

I am trying to get a variety and different locations so if you could give a generalized area of where the picture was taken. Just town, country or country would be great!


If anyone/followers is on and willing to talk please send me an ask. I am at a breaking point and I have no one to just help me sort this stuff out. I just feel so crazed and right now I just want my life to find a freaking balance. So if anyone could just chat with me for awhile that would be greatly appreciated. 


I have to pick three songs to do motion graphics to. Anyone have an good recommendations?